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We are calling on every Victorian who loves our home and is dedicated to ensuring that future generations are granted the best opportunities in life.

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The Movement

Freedom Party of Victoria is the result of three years of dedication towards building a credible and reliable alternative for Victorians who have suffered enormously under the watch of an incompetent and corrupt government that needs to be changed.

Victorians know what a strong and resilient State looks like and stands for. We will return Victoria to a proud State of opportunity, optimism and strength.

Our Mission

Our Mission is centred on protecting Victorian Jobs - Homes – Families and ensuring that future generations
have access to the best opportunities in life.
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Our Vision

To create an opportunity-rich, free, independent and strong Victoria.
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Our Values

We are proud in our stance of boldly protecting the fundamental rights of all Victorians.
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Our Policies

Our policies directly reflect our commitment to protect local businesses and jobs, establish access to affordable homes and ensure an optimum quality of life for all Victorians.
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1. Health

A key element with the Health Policy is to create a new Health portfolio that includes
holistic and complementary medicines to take the pressure off our hospitals. Embedded
within this portfolio will be:

  • A renewed focus on supporting health to reduce the need to treat illnesses.
  • Reinstatement of Doctor to patient privacy.
  • Reinstatement of Healthcare workers who were forced to be laid off due to vaccine
2. Drug Rehabilitation

Drug addicted Victorians are victims and should not be treated as criminals, nor encouraged
to maintain their dependency. Support for those addicted to illicit substances will include:

  • Decriminalision of illicit drug possession for up to 10 days (will still be considered a
    civil offence).
  • Offenders found with a supply of illicit drugs will be required to sit an interview and
    be issued a tailor-made rehabilitation plan.
  • Drug dealers and traffickers still face relevant jail sentences and periods.
  • All government-provided injecting rooms will be closed.
3. Gender Transition for Minors
  • Remove the ability for the ‘Doctors in Schools’ program to recommend or commence
    Gender Transition of Minors.
  • Criminalise and classify gender transition therapy and surgery for minors under the
    category of Child Abuse and be legally treated in this regard.
4. Preference Consulting Services
  • Criminalisation of ‘preferences for cash’ deals for election preferencing.
  • Penalty of up to $400,000 or 12 months jail.
5. Energy

Drive the rapid and much-needed development of proven and clean naturally sourced
energy supply through:

  • End Daniel Andrews’ moratorium in order to access Victoria’s known current gas
    reserves, supported by further exploration in advancing energy supply security.
  • Clear focus on driving down energy prices.
  • Support job creation within the Energy Exploration and Supply sectors, particularly
    supporting Regionally based energy industries.
  • Deliver a boost to the economy through the investment in and advancement of the
    Victorian energy sector, together with lower cost, clean and reliable energy sources.
  • Create increased energy supply reliability for Victorians.
  • Halt closing down of Victoria’s power stations.
  • End subsidies to inefficient energy industries.
6. Economy - Special Taxation Zones

Establishment of favourable taxation conditions to key industries such as Farming and
Technology Businesses in Regional Victoria.

  • Focus on and drive Regional economic growth and employment opportunities.
  • Review Business taxation laws to ensure eligible regional-based businesses can keep
    more of what they earn. The result would be the ability to hire more staff, reinvest
    and attract investment.
  • Incentivise Melburnians to move to Regional Victoria for gainful employment, with
    the added benefit of easing housing costs and congestion in Melbourne
    metropolitan areas.
  • Reduce the demand to build new infrastructure projects within Metropolitan
  • Assist in supporting the reduction in cost of living through the support and
    encouragement of Regional housing. The nett result being greater affordability than
    Metropolitan Melbourne for many families and the support of Regional area
7. State Government Debt

The upward spiraling and unacceptable level of State debt developed by Labor’s Andrews
government must be contained, controlled and reduced. Measures to ensure this will

  • Implementation of a 5% reduction target on all government spending.
  • Third party audit on various Government Departments deemed to be outside of
    approved spending targets and limits, followed by a plan of natural attrition to bring
    spending back within agreed guidelines.
  • Enhance the exploration and production of clean natural energy sources (see also
    Energy Policy).
  • Develop a robust Plan to ensure stimulation of Regional economic growth (see
    Economic Policy).
8. Pandemic Management

An updated and enhanced Pandemic Management protocol will include:

  • The immediate repealing of all Labor’s Andrews government era of pandemic
  • No more lockdowns, mandates or restrictions in employment or movement within
    the community.
  • A full and formal Inquiry into the COVID-19 response by Labor’s Andrews
    government, with full accountabilities and any relevant penalties to be the outcome
  • In the event of a health crisis, care for the vulnerable will be made available, with
    recommended directions to be given but not mandated.
9. Timber Industry

Victoria’s timber industry is under threat by Labor and The Greens. Freedom Party of Victoria recognises the need to protect local supply and the thousands of businesses and jobs that rely on forest practices.

  • Ongoing consultation with industry experts to support sustainable and innovative forest practices to protect Victoria’s local timber production and supply, protect businesses and jobs and eliminate need for imports.
10. Fishing

Policy by Tony Dobram for Melton.

The Freedom Party of Victoria will abolish private fishing licences.

Existing commercial licences to remain, including bag limits and fish sizes, subject to review.

11. Firearms

• Reform the division of the Licencing and Regulation Division of Victoria Police in regulating firearms and private security with a shift to the Department of Justice.

• Review on re-classification that is fair and reasonable.

• Support for hunting.

• Access to semi-automatic firearms for primary producers with properties of 100 acres and above for pest control.

• Deregulation of paintball and airsoft ownership.

• The Freedom Party of Victoria will continue to support training and testing of firearms competency that will be performed with firearms training organisations that are accredited for this purpose.

• Licenced individuals to purchase firearms without unnecessary investigation.

• Licenced carry for individuals who have conducted two years or more certified training, consisting of measures that include but are not limited to; responsible handling, responsible storage and character assessment.

12. Pensioners
  • To be issued with a 'GOLD CARD' to receive 100% public transport travel in Victoria at no cost all year round, they have earned it. 
  • Pensioners will keep their full pension if they choose to work.
13. Small Business

Reimburse 100% of the GST back to small businesses from 1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024.

This is a cost neutral policy as a COVID tax relief package will be imposed on those businesses that profited more than $100 million per annum during the COVID pandemic to help offset the crippling small businesses.

14. Education
  • Restructure the curriculum to focus on reading, writing and arithmetic.
  • Abolish exposure to adult content in schools.
  • Freedom Party of Victoria will introduce Self Defence into Victorian Schools. The curriculum will be implemented in order to empower children in developing critical life skills in the areas of self-respect, discipline, focus and respect for others.  
15. Families

Give parental control back to families so our children's health and wellbeing is not controlled by the government.

16. Accountability

Politicians actions and spending to be made public and reviewed every year with penalties issued to those who do not operate within strict guidelines.

17. Rental Affordability

Tax cuts to investors who reduce their weekly rent to tenants to assist rental affordability.

18. Environment

Create innovative policy that reduces adverse impacts on our environment but does not increase the cost of living.

19. Food

Strengthen our farming and agricultural sector to improve the quality and accessibility of healthy, affordable, local food.

20. Freedom

Reinstate the freedom of thought, speech and movement to ensure individual rights are restored. This includes the freedom of religion and belief. 

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Our team is comprised of experienced, hard-working men and women who are dedicated to restoring dignity to Victoria.
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